5 Great Raffle Prize Ideas That Sell Tickets


If you want to reach your fundraising goal, a raffle is the way to go. Especially if you also sell raffle tickets online. That said, whether your raffle is part of a greater fundraising event or stands alone, selling tickets is easier with exciting prizes. 

Wherein lies the hitch in your raffle prize giddy-up.

Unless you have a sizable budget or a sponsor willing to donate a trip to Bali, sourcing said exciting prizes can be daunting. Most of us are not in that position, so what to do?

First, save time and set yourself up for success with these tips on asking businesses for raffle prizes. Then, download our free-to-use example raffle prize request letter to help you draft your own ask.

Ready to learn more? Dive into our raffle prize inspiration below!

Fail-proof prize ideas that inspire sales


How great would it be to have someone clean your house (especially after a year of staying home!), spruce up the garden, or put in flooring? Household tasks are something everyone would love the chance to outsource!  You can even get creative with how these chores are accomplished. If you’re hosting a raffle for a school, maybe the prize could be a coach or teacher coming to mow the lawn!


Electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, and other items aren’t always the most appealing prizes. Instead, great experiences appeal to almost everyone, especially now that things are returning to normal and everyone can get out again! Things like skydiving,  ballroom dancing, scuba diving, a downtown haunted history tour, or behind-the-scenes aquarium tour are things many would love to do. Other ideas include a makeover, skating with the local roller derby team, learning to paint from a local artist, drumming lessons, or even a brewery or horse farm tour—anything that’s out of the ordinary.  The bonus of this sort of prize is that those that would supply these gifts are likely not often asked to donate raffle prizes, which may mean an easier ‘yes’ to your request!

Gift cards

Gift cards may seem a little pedestrian on the surface, but they are really awesome. What student wouldn’t LOVE getting a gift card loaded with several pizza dinners? Given in conjunction with a similarly themed item, they can be great raffle ticket sellers when chosen within the context of your fundraising target audience.

One-of-a-kind items

Signed sports memorabilia, artwork, and antiques generate buzz as well as sell raffle tickets. An added bonus is that one or two of these might be in your own home or of somebody you know.

Themed baskets

This raffle prize is an old standby because it works!  Gift baskets also happen to be fun to put together and handy if you’ve got a scattering of donated items that need a little filling out to become thrilling prizes. The key here is to be creative. A WFH (work from home) basket could include blue-light glasses, a glamour light you can clip onto your laptop for Zoom meetings, restaurant delivery cards, and an ergonomic seat cushion. Or you could put together a grilling kit that would be great for summer. It could come packed with cooking tools, specialty sauces, a cookbook, craft beer, and twinkle lights to add some outdoor ambiance!

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