How to Get Your Custom Bumper Stickers On Cars


So you’ve designed a cool custom bumper sticker and are getting ready to print…but don’t. Instead, there’s a nagging question on your mind: 

How are you going to get people to display your custom bumper sticker? 

Take a few minutes to cruise through the following three tips.

1) Step into their shoes

Think about what you would stick on your car or laptop. Would you prefer a classic vinyl custom bumper sticker? Or maybe a removable window cling sticker is your thing? Of the bumper stickers you’ve seen on the road or displayed on laptops at your local coffee shop, what did you like about them? Another thing to think about is what motivated these people to stick their stickers — is it a political statement? In support of a cause? After meditating on all of the above, evaluate where your brand falls. Maybe you have a plumbing business and can come up with a funny saying. If your custom bumper sticker is in support of a cause, create a visual and emotional connection. For example, Feel Your Boobies (a breast cancer awareness nonprofit) has an ongoing sticker campaign that capitalizes on its mission.

2) Keep it interesting

If your custom bumper sticker design is funny, cool, thought-provoking, pithy, admirable, or beautiful, stirring up support is easy. If your sticker is straight-up advertising (and not in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way), getting anyone to display it will be a challenge. For instance, if you own a fashion boutique, something that plays on the classic “Baby on Board” sticker that reads “Fashionista on Board” with your URL works better than simply your logo. That is unless your logo has the kind of cache to which people will respond.

3) Quality that reflects your business

Cheap-looking bumper stickers don’t often get displayed with pride on cars. Additionally, something that fades or tears easily isn’t a good look for your business, not to mention a sticker that gets ratty will bum out customers. Ensure your custom bumper sticker design is printed with fade-resistant inks on waterproof vinyl made for outdoor use. 

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