Gimme S’more: Summertime Campsite Security


Print Wristbands to Boost Campsite Security

Camping is an old favorite American pastime. When summer hits, campsites all over the country fill up with families, nature lovers, and festival goers. And lately it seems that more and more vacationers across the nation are foregoing expensive resorts, and instead, are opting to pitch a tent and build a campfire.

If you run a campsite, then you know how important it is to make sure everyone who camps at your site has paid for their spot. After all, you have a business to run, and you can’t just have people staying for free on your valuable land.

Combine the chaos of summer campsite security with the commotion of a nearby music festival, and you may have a recipe for disaster. What do you do? One easy solution is to print wristbands.

How to Enhance Campsite Security

The best way to make sure everyone at your campsite has paid is to pass out wristbands for them to wear while they camp. Wristbands are hassle-free, fun and they instantly boost your security, which is an all around good idea at a place where people like to party.

As soon as any camper pulls up and pays their campsite fee, slap a comfy, secure Tyvek wristband on their wrist, and they’re free to wander the campsite and surrounding area as they please.

All they need to do is flash their nifty wristband at you as they walk by, and you’ll know they’re all paid up and good to go. Never hassle your campers again!

Making Sense Out of Chaos

Many people choose to camp while they attend a multiple-day music festival. Wristbands are a must if your campers are attending a festival.

With so many campers going back and forth from the camp to the festival grounds, you’ve got to have a good way to keep track of them. Wristbands are a great way to make sure your campers aren’t sneaking their friends in!

Tyvek wristbands come in a variety of colors, and can be custom designed with almost any image or logo you’d like to put on them.

Add sequential numbering to each wristband so you’ll know exactly how many you’ve sold and how many campers you have, or upload a unique design to make your wristbands difficult to duplicate.

No matter the campsite, it’s easy to stay organized and have fun with Tyvek wristbands for all your campers.

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