Holiday Event Planning Tips: Part II


Have no fear, part two is here!

If our last holiday mailer left you hungry for more, we’re offering the answer to your Christmas wish: all the rest of the information you need to plan the best holiday party your group has ever seen. Ready to make your mark this holiday season? These tried and true ideas have been culled from the experts and tested in banquet halls, gymnasiums, and catered venues across the country.

6) Summon Strength in Security:

Real World

Keep gatecrashers out and maintain the integrity of your gathering with an extra investment in event safety.

Digital World

Stay in touch with your guests virtually so you know who to expect in real life, and organize your security efforts online.

Enjoy the safety provided by Event Tickets with standard security features like sequential numbering, detachable stubs, and scannable barcodes. Track tickets online, using a site like Eventgroove. Record the security numbering of each ticket sold, and the name of the person who purchased it.
Take extra care with Thermal Tickets featuring a magnetic stripe, red numbering, UV printing, and a pressure-sensitive watermark. Use social networks to collect RSVPs. Ask your guests to check in online, providing you with additional confirmation of attending guests.
Control access to restricted areas with big, easily identified VIP Passes. Require guests to register online before they receive information and details about the event.
Event Wristbands provide a quick visual verification. Encourage forum activity by setting up spaces where guests can discuss the upcoming event.
Event Badges are the ultimate security device. Prevent ticket fraud with digital barcodes.

7) Build a Better Brand:

Real World

In a visual environment, image is king. Brand your event or promote your brand by adding your own logo to everything you touch.

Digital World

Send your logo on a journey across the Internet, where it can serve as your ambassador any time of the day or night.

Stickers turn your message into high-demand art. Digitize your logo so you can post it anywhere!
Image uploads make it easy for you to add logos, photos, head shots, or any image from your hard drive to hundreds of print products and ticket templates. Create a digital badge. Use your logo and some event details to create a visual badge that your supporters can add to their own websites to provide your event with some free publicity.
Custom Tickets are the smart way to create exactly the promotional product you’ve always envisioned Event pages, like those on Eventgroove, provide an extra space for you to hype your event.
Merchandise your event with T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other high-interest items emblazoned with your logo and design. Sell in advance for extra advertising, and at the event, to make more money. Take advantage of widgets that will create charity donation badges: appealing visual links, which can be easily reposted, and which take your supporters to a site where they can make secure donations.

8 ) Build a Bigger Bank Account:

Real World

Make more money when you add extra layers of fun and fundraising to the festivities.

Digital World

Start fundraising online, using your event publicity as a channel to discuss your financial needs.

Raffle Tickets spice up the night and let you start making money faster; they’re the perfect complement to any event. Take control of Raffle Ticket sales using a free app like EventGroove, which lets you visualize sales and view the effectiveness of your sales team.
Tiered Tickets work with big events—charge more money for the best seats or special access to private parties. Discuss fundraising goals in your email newsletter and on your website. Be specific about where the money will go and what it will do.
VIP Passes help you provide extra attention to your biggest donors. Create a charity badge for the event so your supporters can help you raise funds while you sleep.
Drink Tickets improve bar sales and help you track the money spent on drinks. Sell branded merchandise online. T-shirts advertising your event help you sell more Event Tickets.

9) Keep Them Coming Back for More:

Real World:

Provide maximum incentive for maximum return with deals and discounts your guests can take away with them.

Digital World:

Take advantage of the buzz around your event to encourage more traffic to your website and more interest in your upcoming events.

Keep customers coming back to your website or your sponsors’ stores with Coupons offering a special discount for event-goers. Print the URL of your homepage on all your event collateral, especially Event Tickets and Collectible programs, so everyone can easily find you online.
Offer a little something extra after the gala’s ended with Gift Cards. Remind guests to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites for the scoop on upcoming events.
Add a personal touch to free gifts when you use personalized Gift Certificates. Offer big deals using services like Groupon or SocialLiving to drive membership or sales.

10) Get Creative:

Real World:

If you can imagine it, we can print it out for you!

Digital World:

Multimedia puts you on the map!

DYO Tickets allow creative organizers to turn dreams into print reality. Record a video of your group in action and post it on YouTube for additional exposure.
Custom Tickets provide a little professional support for big ideas. Create fresh, compelling, new content available only to those who log in to your website.

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