How to Design a Successful Event Badge Part 1


Identify Guests and Share Information with Event Badges

For conventions, trade shows, and other large events that involve thousands of people in the same place at the same time, event badges are a must. There’s no question about it, if you have more than even a FEW people showing up to an event, you will more than likely want to have them wear some sort of identification.

Whether you’ve hired a third party security company to help work your event or you’re running a one-man-show, keep the event running smoothly and limit the organizational hassle by giving each of your guests event badges.

What’s Your Top Priority?

If you want to design a successful event badge for your upcoming event, then the first thing to do is make a list. Come up with the top three most important things that your event will rely on to run smoothly.

For example, if VIP security is your top priority, then you will need to design event badges that reveal the difference between a VIP and a non-VIP easily and at-a-glance.

This will help your security team (whether it’s many people or just you) keep everything organized and limit the amount of time they spend enforcing the rules of the VIP-only area.

Share Information Instantly

Event organizers have an obligation to inform guests of necessary information upon their arrival. Instead of debriefing your guests verbally or with a costly information packet, and thus spending precious time and energy of staff and guests alike in the process, allow your guests to simply scan a QR code on their event badge and download the info at their leisure.

This takes the pressure off of everyone, especially at the initial event check-in, where things tend to get a little hectic until everyone gets used to the flow of things.

FREE at Last

Generating your own, unique QR code is easy, fast and completely FREE. Save yourself money (and save the trees), and instead of printing out multiple sheets of paper to hand to your guests, simply hand them their unique, individually named event badge that includes your QR code.

Once your guests have checked in and received their event badges, not only will they be easy to identify by you and your staff, they will also be able to get everything they need from scanning your convenient QR code on their badge.

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