How to Design a Successful Event Badge Part 2


QR Codes For Event Badges Explained

We last left off in our discussion of how to design a successful event badge with the idea of generating a unique QR code for your upcoming event. Now, it’s easy and 100% free to generate your own QR code, but inquiring minds want to know: how will a QR code really help me keep my event organized? And how do they work again?

Well we’ve got the answers here for you. Read on to find out the best way to share information quickly and easily with your event attendees, all while keeping them neatly identified.

Smartphones Really ARE Smart

How many of your event attendees have smartphones? Chances are, especially if you are holding an event that has anything to do with technology, MANY of them do. And here lies the beauty and ease of a generating your own QR code.

Any QR code can be scanned by a smartphone simply by the tap of a screen. All the smartphone owner needs to do is download a FREE app that reads the QR code, and they’re well are on their way to scanning all the info they can handle.

Your Event Needs a Website

The first step to connecting to your guests virtually and sharing information with them is to make a website for your event. No need to make it fancy, simply make it user-friendly so that your guests find it informative and easy-to-navigate.

Making a website for your event not only serves as a virtual communication tool, it also doubles as a marketing tool. Many events today allow invitees to register online, via their website. The internet has a much wider reach than almost anything else in the marketing world, so use it to your advantage.

Making a website for your event is just another way to limit the hassle of spending time and money when it comes to organizing your event before it even starts.

The Grand Finale

And finally, making a website for your event enables you to direct anyone who scans your unique QR code on their event badge straight to the website of your choice.

It’s a good idea to have some back up packets printed out for those who are a little behind in the technology craze and don’t have smartphones. But for the vast majority of people who do, save yourself a great deal of time and money, and instead of printing paper, print event badges with QR codes.

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