How to Maximize Raffle Ticket Sales


Whether you’re an old hand at the raffle game or just starting out with your first stack of tickets, you know your goal this holiday season: maximize raffle ticket sales, make more money!

7 Tips to Maximize Raffle Ticket Sales

We interviewed some of our most successful customers to bring you advice straight from the fundraising front lines. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. Mail booklets to all members of your organization.
    Suggest that members can purchase the tickets themselves, or sell them to friends and family. Once they have the tickets in hand, your group members will feel a greater responsibility to support your fundraising efforts.
  2. Make a family event out of it.
    Turn your prize draw into a party. Add games, music, and refreshments to earn more money and to create more excitement. Keep selling raffle tickets throughout the event, with the actual draw capping off the festivities.
  3. Track everything.
    It’s just common sense. In many cases, you will need the data for tax purposes. Collect the names and contact information of your supporters for future fundraising efforts. Your sales team should provide accurate information on the numbers. Use Eventgroove Fundraising to bring it together.
  4. Stapled booklets boost raffle ticket sales.
    It’s easier to sell multiple tickets if you offer 5 tickets stapled together in a booklet. Some people like to offer a discount for purchasing a certain number of tickets. In any case, make sure that the cost of a booklet of 5 tickets rounds out to an even number, like $10.00.
  5. Know your audience.
    Sell to the right people. Choose prizes that your supporters are likely to find exciting. Price tickets within your base’s budget. Send your sales crew where you know you’ll find your base, whether that’s an art show, a county fair, or a high school football game.
  6. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
    If you have a uniform, wear it! This tip is especially effective for children wearing sports or band uniforms, but any costume that advertises who you are and what you do adds legitimacy to your cause and helps you make more money for your cause.
  7. Get on the Internet.
    Of course, you should be advertising online via your homepage, email newsletter, or other forums, but did you know you could be sell raffle tickets online, any time, day, or night with almost no effort on your part? Visit Eventgroove for more details!

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