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How to Create Your Custom Event Badges

Ready to add an extra layer of security to your large, multi-day event, or to any worksite that could use some added identification for the many people passing through on any given day? Creating Event Badges or ID Badges for everyone who belongs is a fast and easy way to provide visual markers indicating who belongs. The process is simple and the badges themselves are inexpensive.

Begin by determining whether paper badges (printed on heavy card stock and displayed in sturdy vinyl sleeves) will suffice, or if you will choose to spend a little more money for the much more durable hard plastic cards. The question is basically one of longevity. For a three-day event, paper is more than sufficient. Your paper Event Badges will survive even the roughest weekend, and live to serve as a souvenir of the experience. For long-term use, the plastic badges, which can tolerate the occasional accidental trip through the washing machine, are a good choice.

Next, choose your design. If you’ve already spent time and money creating a unique logo, you’ll want to get some more mileage out of that. You can just send the design file along with your order (most standard file formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, GIF) and it will be faithfully reproduced onto you ID Badges. If you haven’t got an image in mind, you can find one in a large online design gallery. Eventgroove offers all their designs for free, and you can use the image from any product as the background for your badge. Or, work with an artist and get the custom design that you really want produced just for you and your event or company.

Now, determine what information you want printed on the badge. The name of the company or event is a good place to start. Dates, mottos, or other unique indicators can be helpful. You may choose different badges for different people. Perhaps executives will be denoted by different colors or phrases. If identification is your purpose, you’ll need to compile a file containing all the names you’ll need printed on the badges. It doesn’t cost that much extra to personalize each one with the right name. And data that can be stored in a CSV file can be used to customize each badge.

Remember, you can print the back of the badge as well! This is a good place to add a sponsor logo or other information unique to your event or mission.

Finally, decide how to display the badge. A bulldog clip is a simple option. For those who prefer not to muss up the front of their shirts, a lanyard allows your guests or employees to wear their IDs like necklaces. You can choose a plain lanyard, or spend a little more money to customize the lanyard as well. Lanyards come in your choice of five colors—red, royal blue, navy blue, black, and white, and can be imprinted with any text you choose.

And you’re done! Just place your order and you’ll receive a digital proof in twenty-four hours. Your Event Badges will be printed in a few days (most orders will ship in 3 to 6 days, depending on the size and complexity of the order; large orders of custom lanyards will take a little longer).

Just plan ahead and you can enjoy the safety and security of custom Event Badges.

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