Making Merry: 3 Steps for a Safer Holiday Event


How Wristbands Help You Organize a Safer Holiday Event

Are you hosting a holiday event? Here’s how to make sure it’s fun and secure for everyone!

Cheers to Event Security!

It’s easier than you think to boost security at your next holiday event. Instead of hiring extra security guards or staff, print unique wristbands that include specialized security features.

  • Hologram Wristbands are a fun and easy way to boost event security and help prevent people who don’t belong from getting into your event.
  • Stub Wristbands Double as event and raffle tickets! They’re also perfect for at-a-glance identification and versatile for multi-day events.
  • Vinyl Wristbands are available in two types. Choose from the durable, waterproof version (perfect for events lasting multiple days) or reliable one-day wristbands.

Customize Your Event

Create the perfect wristband for your holiday event with the custom wristband option. Choose from Hologram, Stub, or Vinyl Wristbands, and let us help you plan a safer holiday event!

Start with your own design and let the experts help bring it to life, or our team can design something for you.

No matter what kind of wristbands you decide to print, you know you’ll be printing the colors you want, with the images you want, and the security options that work for you and your event.

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