Make the Most of Event Security: Custom Event Wristbands


Combine security and great marketing with custom event wristbands!

How to Use Event Wristbands

Wristbands can be used instead of event tickets or alongside them to enable access restricted or VIP areas. 

Different colored wristbands can denote other functions: VIP, over 21, plus simple general admission, allowing mobility for your participants as well as added exposure for your brand. Since outdoor festivals and events are in season, let’s use this as our example as to how best to maximize the effectiveness of your quality discount wristbands.

Design + Branding Tips

Custom wristbands offer effective marketing, advertising your event while also allowing for exceptional organization. For instance, if you plan to serve alcohol or offer VIP admission, color-coding is a quick and straightforward way to make the event an organized success. 

To use wristbands to sort different guests, decide on the colors, text, and image assigned to each attendee group. Then hand the designated wristband to the correct attendee!

For all your custom wristbands, be sure to include:

  • The logo, your sponsor’s logo, or an image that represents your event’s brand.
  • The times, dates, and event venue

Pro tip: Go the extra branding mile with a pre-designed event wristband template that conveys your gathering’s theme (browse tons of choices here).

Waterproof Wristbands: Though Tyvek wristbands fall into this category, you may want to consider cloth or vinyl wristbands for multi-day music festivals or food festivals. Like paper wristbands, they’re waterproof. The difference lies in how they weather the proverbial storm. Several days of hand-washing, sweating, and showering does take their toll! However, vinyl and cloth wristbands will generally look as good as new. As a result, wearers are more likely to leave them on a bit longer — helping you gain visibility for your event. 

Research Quality Discount Wristbands: Especially if your event is going to be very large, research where you can design and print quality discount wristbands. Many vendors—including us at Eventgroove—can help you create a large quantity of customized, professional wristbands for a reasonable price.

Want to better understand the types of wristbands and their function? Check out our article, 3 Types Of Paper Wristbands For Crowd Control.

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