Hang on for Dear Life: Marketing Messages That Stick


window clingsWhy Window Clings Are a Great Way to Advertise Your Event or Business

Ever hear about people that are “too clingy?” In the marketing world, there’s no such thing as “too clingy.” That is, if you want your marketing media to stick around. For long-lasting marketing and advertising that’s inexpensive and user-friendly, Window Clings (also called window stickers) are the way to go.

Next time you’re cruising down the highway, check out how many blank windows you see on each vehicle you pass. If you do see Window Clings and other decals, do they stick out in your mind? The almost unanimous answer is, yes. In years past, many people who put stickers on their cars would use a bumper sticker. However, today it seems that Window Stickers are occupying a special place in our hearts, and they are quickly becoming an easy and cost-effective way to market any event or organization.

A Sticky Situation

When it comes to stickers, there’s one big problem. Some stick around, while others start to peel off after only a few days. Not only that, if you decide to remove a sticker, you’re often left with a bunch of gunk stuck on whatever surface the sticker was on.

With Window Clings, the sticky gunk problem is solved! These decals are printed on white media to produce a crisp, clear, and attractive version of a sticker, but without the sticky situation.

Window decals stick to almost any polished or smooth surface with zero adhesive. The flexible vinyl that each Window Cling is made of adheres to surfaces using only static cling.

Plus, static Window Clings are especially versatile because you can stick them anywhere you like, and if the spot doesn’t quite work, just remove and re-stick, without any of the sticky gunk clean-up!

Advertising That Sticks Like Glue

Made with UV stable ink that will remain UV resistant for three to five YEARS, Window Clings are a way to get the word out about your business or event that will stick around for a long time.

With full-color printing, these static cling stickers can be printed to feature almost any image you like. Choose from decals shaped like an oval, square, rectangle or circle.

And because these Static Window Clings are printed on white media, they are made to feature sharp and impressive graphics that will wow any pair of eyes that see them.

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