Need a Unique Promotional Tool? Use Stickers!


Eventgroove is known for its tickets, posters, flyers, and invitations, but did you know that Eventgroove also has a wide selection of stickers available for events? Our sticker printing services range from printing vinyl, paper, window, bumper and QR code stickers. Customers can also design their own stickers by uploading their own artwork.

Stickers are an untapped resource when it comes to advertising and promoting your events or business. One of our customers, Danielle Meyerson of Ohana Photo Studios, used stickers, QR codes and more to promote her photography business. Her tactic of using stickers taps into three of the many ways you can effectively use stickers for your promotional needs.

1. Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers are generally used to promote political or social issues, but stickers can also be used to give your business or event a boost. InsideBusiness360 states that if you use bumper stickers as advertisement; make sure your message is quick and easy to digest. “Remember, the quality of the message in the bumper sticker is vital for making impact on the people’s minds,” states the site. “Well devised, short but witty messages will make people…respond positively.” The site goes on to state that if the message is short and catchy, more and more people will want to share the message, making your promotional campaign stronger.


2. QR codes

One type of sticker that’s changing how stickers are looked at is the QR code. QR codes allow for your customers to scan the code with their smart phones and gain access to your event or business’ site, apps, promotional deals, music tracks or music videos, or other bonus materials. You can advertise your event by giving your customers something exclusive via a QR code. The exclusivity will make customers want to know more about your event or business, and your creativity will help spread your message even further.

3. Window stickers and decals

If you’re looking for signage, but you want something a little different and unique, try window stickers or window decals. Window stickers can give your vehicle or storefront a professional, eye catching look. To get the most out of window decals, make sure to use bright, attractive colors, engaging text, and unique images to bring your audience to you.

What ways would you use stickers to help promote your event or business?

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