Posters and Flyers – The Key To Raffle Promotion


Whether yours is an online raffle, in person, or hybrid, printed posters and flyers are super marketing tools.  It’s true social and traditional media go a long way, but placed in grocery stores, on phone poles, and businesses around town, they have a unique power all their own.   

In this article, we’ll go over:

How to make printed posters or flyers

The easiest and most efficient way to make posters or flyers to use poster templates and have them professionally printed. For example, at Eventgroove, we offer templates in hundreds of different themes, all of which our customers can customize to their needs. Another method is to design and print them at home — this option is better for those with graphic design experience or a lot of patience! 

Design tips for posters and flyers promoting raffles

Whether you use a template or design your own, make sure that the look of your raffle ticket matches that of your printed marketing collateral.  This will increase brand recognition, as well as make a professional impression, which in turn helps to sell raffle tickets.  

Essential information to include on your raffle’s printed marketing collateral:

  • The name of your cause
  • Why you are raising funds. Note: it’s always best to have a concrete rather than vague reason. For example, raising funds for school uniforms is better than just citing the need to raise money for school.
  • Where and when the draw will take place
  • Your raffle fundraiser’s website
  • The price of raffle tickets and the odds

Pro tip: Include a QR code that directs people to your fundraising page, where they can buy raffle tickets online and get more information about your fundraiser. Here’s a really great example of a nonprofit that used QR codes in posters, flyers, and lawn signs to blow past its fundraising goal.

The difference between posters and flyers

Most people consider flyers to just be a smaller version of their posters. While that’s essentially true in most cases, the intended purpose of flyers is very different.

Think of posters as a short story, while flyers are the blurb on the back of a book. Posters are meant to generate interest and attract attention, flyers are meant to give out essential information in short bursts.  In short, posters are used to reel in possible attendees; flyers are used to hook them.

Pair your in-person raffle with a hybrid element and raise even more for your cause! Get more information about our virtual raffle platform (through which you can sell raffle tickets and more) or request a demo.

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