Eco-Friendly Raffles for the Win!


There’s no question that a roll of raffle tickets, a great prize, and some hard work can do wonders for a worthy cause. But there’s one cause, in particular, that should be considered — the environment. Luckily, eco-friendly raffles are easier than you think — you might even say they’re a natural at being green! Another option is to leave paper and shipping out of the equation and run a virtual raffle!

Speak for the trees

One of the great things about raffle tickets is that, if made properly, they produce little waste. For example, unused paper from the printing process can be utilized to produce the next batch of tickets. Less waste means less paper, and less paper means more tickets from fewer trees! In addition, since creating and ordering raffle tickets can all be done online, it cuts down on the amount of paper used. This approach to ticket printing particularly applies to Eventgroove —all our shipments are carbon neutral

Clean energy

Here’s another thing to consider when thinking about eco-friendly raffles: the energy to create and transport the tickets affects the environment. Advancements in alternative fuels like solar and wind power mean that producing raffle tickets with renewable energy (we’re 100% powered by wind!) is an option. Delivery companies also have alternative sources to turn to, like natural gas, which cuts down on the world’s consumption of oil. 

Earth Day, Every Day

Limiting waste and using renewable energies can go along with any raffle – but what about one that makes being Earth-friendly the focus? Imagine raffle tickets designed to look like small trees or perhaps feature a small image of an endangered species? There could be green raffle prizes, like a tree planted in the winner’s name. As for the grand prize, a home visit from a designer or architect specializing in green homes or an electric bike would be perfect!

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