Raffle Pie! A Recipe for a Successful Raffle


Organizing a successful raffle is a lot like baking. For every step that requires following precise instructions, there’s an opportunity for your own brand of creative expression.

How To Bake Up A Successful Raffle 

  1. Recipe: While we’d all like to indulge our inner Julia Child, there are parts of a recipe that must be done by the book. Consider the documentation for the IRS and charity of your choice akin to time and temperature. If you don’t follow those instructions exactly, your pie will be ruined!
  2. Creativity: Just like with any concoction, holding an event that includes a raffle allows for opportunities to change up the recipe. From posters and flyers to event tickets and raffle tickets, there are limitless ways to put your own twist on a traditional fundraising dish.
  3. Suspense: It’s the intoxicating aroma that fills the house as the pie is in the oven or, in the case of a raffle, the build-up that occurs from the moment that last ticket is sold until the big draw. One of the great things about a raffle is that you can begin with smaller items and lead up to the big raffle prize, which can build even more suspense.
  4. Pay off: By now, your guests are watering at the mouth to find out if they’ve won. While there’s only so much pie (and prizes) to go around, everyone wins because they helped a worthy cause.

Baking a pie and raffles have a lot in common, but the difference is that the satisfied feeling you get from a piece of pie is brief. The feeling you get from volunteering your time and money towards a raffle can last so much longer.

Raffles: better than pie – and just as easy!

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