Raffle Prize Pop Quiz!


Which one of these things has been given away as a raffle prize?

A. House
B. Car
C. 20 cows
D. Gun
E. Meat
F. All of the above!

Okay, so those top two are probably pretty obvious, but the answer is F: all of the above!

  • Dubbed the “Miracle House” back in 1954, this modern Chicago home was the grand prize of a 2015 raffle benefitting nearby St. William parish. The raffle ended up raising so much money that the parish was able to build a church, rectory, convent, and school!
  • HALO Air Ambulance of Calgary’s first annual raffle in March of 2021, and their partner was Highline Angus. The grand prize?  The winner’s choice of $50,000 or 20 bred heifers!
  • In 2009, a candidate for the leader of South Carolina’s National Guard held a fundraiser at a firing range. In addition to a barbecue fundraiser, he held a raffle for which a semiautomatic AK-47 was the prize! The raffle not only served to raise campaign money but also brought a great deal of attention.
  • Few things can compare to the Minnesota tradition of the meat raffle. Every weekend, in bars across the Land of Lakes, patrons at select local watering holes can hand over a dollar for a chance at winning a select cut of meat. This unusual ritual great for driving business to the bars, plus, the meat is from local butchers. Consequently, the meat raffle is a win/win for the Minnesota economy.

The more unusual the prize, the more creative you can make your raffle tickets, and the more attention you can bring to your event. A charity in England once raffled off a hot air balloon ride – proving that the sky is the limit when it comes to raffles!

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