Why A Raffle?


When your organization is ready to fill its coffers with some cash, you have plenty of fundraising options to choose from.

A carwash can be cool, but it is more than a little messy. Plus, you’ll be left high and dry if it is planned for a rainy day. Charity auctions may bring in a big draw, but they often rely on benevolent donations and require a big commitment from attendees. A benefit dinner might seem like it will hit the spot, but your appetite for this fundraiser might sour when you realize it how much effort it requires to prepare for.

The truth is, the success of all of these fundraising activities hinges on whether or not people buy tickets and show up on the day of the big event.

When you are looking to raise funds quickly and without too much fuss, why not consider a raffle? Raffles can be easy to plan and are relatively hassle free. Almost as simple as picking prizes and printing tickets, raffles are perfectly suited for any size organization.

Your church group or service club can create a spirit of community, cooperation and care while keeping costs low and planning to a minimum. You make the right choice when you decide to print tickets and host a raffle. The risk is low and the reward is high. Your organization may choose to invest in a grand prize or a number of smaller ones. You might choose to hold your raffle as part of a bigger promotional event or simply sell tickets for a low key prize draw.

That’s the nice thing about raffles. Unlike many big fundraising events, raffles don’t require a huge venue or crowd control. You’re not required to provide food or entertainment to guests. You’re two biggest investments are prizes and ticket printing. You will have to spend some time promoting your raffle. However, once you’ve chosen your prizes and get the word out, most of your participants will be happy to buy tickets because they really care about your cause!

A raffle can bring your organization together. From choosing prizes to designing just the right raffle tickets to print, to promoting the event and selling tickets to the community, your group members will get to know one another better and become even more invested in the organization.

Raffles can be thrilling, too! Everyone is more willing to participate when winning is a real possibility. When you print raffle tickets that represent your organization, individuals will connect your cause with the excitement they feel, knowing they might be the next big winner.

Really, when you host a raffle everyone is a winner. Your organization makes money and through printing tickets and selling them, it builds excitement and gains exposure for its cause. With a good promotion and quality tickets, your organization will be remembered long after the prizes have been handed out.

With so many fundraising options available, why a raffle, you ask? Why not?

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