A Rainbow Raffle: Raising Funds for a Big Event


Leadership, confidence, citizenship—all things we’d like to impart upon our daughters as they grow up and enter the world!

That’s also the aim of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORB).

Founded in 1922, IORB is a service-based organization for young women between the ages of 11-20. The organization has jurisdictions across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America.

Explained Montana IORB Supreme Deputy Carol Huston, “The main focus of the organization is service to others—our communities, our country, the world as a whole and people we come in contact with.  It also teaches the girls self-confidence, leadership, empathy, organizational skills, and core values that help them become good citizens of their communities. Through this organization, the girls also form lifelong friendships, have the opportunity to travel, have new experiences, and meet people from all over the world.“

One of those opportunities to travel, make new friends, and have meaningful experiences is at the IORB Supreme Assembly. Held every two years, it’s an event attended by Rainbow girls from all over the world. For Carol and the Montana Rainbow Girls, the upcoming Supreme Assembly in 2020 is especially electrifying because it’s going to be held in Reno, Nevada. That’s the closest it’s been to Montana in years! So they’d love to send a large delegation of Montana Rainbow Girls. To turn that hope into reality, the Montana IORB has already started fundraising!

There are all kinds of events in the works, one of which is an upcoming raffle for a gorgeous afghan donated for the cause by former Rainbow girls.

Creating raffle tickets was one of the first steps for Carol, and we’re so proud of the reasons she chose Eventgroove.

Explained Carol, “I have used Eventgroove several times in the past for another non-profit organization I belong to.  I have always been impressed with the quality of the product, speed of service, and reasonable prices.  I also like dealing with a Montana company.  The ordering process online is so easy!  I’m not particularly skilled with computers and I can navigate the website with no issues.”

Once their custom printed raffle tickets arrived, Carol and the Montana IORB dove into selling as many as possible. Each of Montana’s seven Rainbow Assemblies were given bundles of tickets. That way, the girls would be able to sell them at various planned events within their communities.  Additionally, the raffle will be advertised in the Montana Rainbow IORG newsletter, on their website, and in the sponsoring adult order’s newsletter.

Their total effort will culminate in a drawing at the Grand Assembly, the Montana International Order of Rainbow Girls’ annual convention. Since there are often out-of-state attendees at the Grand Assembly, raffle tickets will be available for last-minute purchase there, too!

We hope the Montana Rainbow Girls reach (and surpass) their goal! Traveling to Reno for the Supreme Assembly sounds like such an enriching, fun experience!

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