Raising Funds and Rockin’ for the Vets


1.2 million people. That’s almost as many folks as live in Dallas, TX. It’s also how many veterans belong to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Comprised of men and women who have served in war zones or in areas demanding arduous duty such as Afghanistan and Iraq, the VFW’s mission is “To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans.” To achieve this, the VFW provides all sorts of free programs and services, including assistance with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs claims, student veteran financial aid, mental wellness initiatives, and helping veterans transition into civilian life.  Additionally, the VFW’s 6,390 posts worldwide take an active role in their communities, as well as extend VFW veteran support efforts on a local level.

VFW posts are where a lot of their advocacy happens—special events, perpetuating the memory of soldiers and veterans who have passed, assisting their families, nurturing and maintaining the camaraderie between men and women who have served—and keeping this up while continuing to help veterans takes a lot of fundraising.

Rockin’ for the Vets Benefit Concert

In the case of VFW Post 7916, one of those efforts is Rockin’ for the Vets. Created by Susan Woodward  in memory of her father who served in the Navy, Rockin’ for the Vets is a benefit concert whose purpose is to raise funds for the post as well as awareness for all the VFW does. Susan tells us that by hosting Rockin’ for the Vets within Post 7916 itself, they’re able to distribute 100% of the money raised to help veterans, K9 soldiers, and active military still serving overseas! Featuring music, food, a photo booth, cash bar, silent auctions, and raffles,  Rockin’ for the Vets is a super fun benefit that has grown with each iteration. Susan hopes to one day replicate Rockin’ for the Vets in all VFWs nationwide, which in turn would raise even more funds for such a worthy cause.

Military benefit concert event tickets

When creating tickets for Post 7916’s Rockin’ for the Vets, Susan selected our Alternative Music event ticket design. Then, she added concert details and, with the help of our Montana-based customer service team, made it her own! We are not only honored that Susan chose Eventgroove for such a great event but were thrilled when she shared that she liked our easy-to-use templates, prices, and friendly staff. Thank you, Susan! That’s music to our ears!

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