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Use QR Code Posters to Market Your Website

Who has time to type in an entire website anymore? When you get down to the nitty gritty, it’s just a pain to try to read and memorize all the parts of a URL, and then type them in on your keyboard. It’s even tougher to try to type them into your phone.

If you miss a letter or leave out just one keystroke on the tiny virtual keyboard, you’ll end up, well, who knows where. It is for this very reason that there are high-tech shortcuts out there that save you from keying in the exact address.

One such shortcut, and a sure-fire way to increase traffic to a website, is a QR code. These nifty salt and pepper colored squares are made to be scanned by Smartphones, and they direct anyone who scans them to a predetermined website, chosen by the creator.

The Special Treatment

QR codes are the latest and greatest way to market your product, business, website, or all three. All you have to do is create the QR code, and set it up to take anyone who scans it directly to your website.

If you want to gain some real momentum, create a special offer that corresponds to the QR code, so anyone who scans your code will get some special treatment just for visiting the site. This works well as an incentive for people to explore your business and products more too.

Where Do They Go?

Now that we’ve covered what the QR codes do and how they can help market your business, what about the question of where to put them?

QR Code Posters are made for QR codes. All you have to do is create a code by entering the web address you want the code to link to, save the image of the QR code you’ve generated, and Eventgroove will take care of the rest.

There are literally hundreds of different designs to choose from when it comes to QR Code Posters. You’ll want to pick a unique look that speaks to your brand, and entices people into scanning the QR code that’s displayed with it.


Once your QR Code Posters are printed, start posting them! Put them up in places you know people are likely to have their phones handy. Two great places are bus stops or the train platforms. Or, if you live in a smaller town, try your local café or community center.

The more people see these easy-to-scan posters, the more people will visit your site and know about your brand.

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