Design Your Own Theater Tickets for Creative Theatres and Playhouses


Setting The Stage

Whether your repertoire is cutting edge or your season is comprised of classics, your company puts its spin on the performance, making it uniquely their own. Expressing yourself is part and parcel of being an artist. Communicate this individuality and design theater tickets with images that stand out and express the troupe’s intention.

As a theater professional, creativity is your bread and butter. Why not harness the power of your vision? For general admission or custom tiered seating, you can create a visual icon that speaks to your supporters and says precisely what you want it to say. When someone else’s design or layout just doesn’t work for you, it’s time to start thinking about designing your own event tickets.

When you design your own tickets you can:

  • Create your own custom color scheme
  • Include any photo or combination of images you want
  • Layout all your custom text
  • Add sequential numbering for security and bookkeeping
  • Perforate your ticket stubs for easy tearing
  • Choose booklet stapling for organization and sales

These are general accommodations, of course. The real benefit of designing your tickets for the upcoming show is that you’re really only limited by the actual size of the ticket. Everything else can be personalized exactly the way you envision. The true benefit of DYO? You can rest assured that the final product will match your dreams. With tools and tutorials to help you get it right, and an instant digital proof for your inspection, it’s not hard to create collateral that projects your specific needs.

Think Big

Whether your upcoming performance is a high school musical, a college drama department production, a variety show, or a community theater, designing your own event tickets makes sense. The size of the venue doesn’t matter: it’s still an economical way to get exactly what you want, every time.

You’re never too small to look professional, and high-quality general admission seating tickets help you achieve that look. You can even branch out. Use your custom design to create matching collateral: drink tickets, raffle tickets, posters, flyers, and programs or playbills! Matching invitations or postcards, mailed out before ticket sales begin, are another great way to create interest in the show, sell tickets, and look great doing it.

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