Stick to Your Guns: 3 Easy Steps to Help Your Team Raise Money


Use QR Code Stickers to Raise Money for Little League Expenses

Parents everywhere are wondering how they are going to keep up with the rising costs of baseball gear for their Little Leaguers this year. In decades past, children were able to play in leagues with little more than a glove and a helmet. But as reported by the New York Times this year, the average cost for a baseball bat alone at one major retailer goes for over $200.00.

And that’s just for the bat. Some parents have no problem ponying up the dough for these kinds of expenses, which is great for their children. But what about the children whose parents can’t afford to shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the cases of traveling teams, for their kids to play?

Shouldn’t all children be afforded the same opportunities to play in the local baseball league, without pressure being put on parents who can’t afford it to come up with money for extravagant expenses? The answer is, simply, yes. They should.

 How to Help a Little Leaguer Out

What can you do to balance the budget for your Little Leaguers? Whether you’re a parent, a coach, or just a friend, you can help raise money for your favorite little baseball players with ease and with class. Follow these three easy steps to get the ball rolling for your team.

Step 1. We live in a high-tech world. The first step to any promotional endeavor should be to set-up a website. Set up a simple, user-friendly website where people can easily donate to your team.

Step 2. Generate a one-of-a-kind, unique QR code that connects directly to your donations website. It’s incredibly easy to do, and it’s a savvy way to attract people to your cause. Anyone with a smartphone (which, let’s face it, is A LOT of people) can scan your code, and they’ll be taken directly to your site.

Step 3. Print QR Code Stickers with your unique code, and stick them anywhere you can. If you already have other advertising media like posters or banners, put stickers on them, too!

Root For the Home Team

Put your QR Code Stickers up at places where parents, friends, family and fans are likely to see them, like local baseball fields where the teams play. This will make it easy for them to help out your Little Leaguers. All they have to do is scan your QR Code Sticker with their smartphone, and they can put their favorite little player back in the lineup.


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