Support Local Officers – Raffle Fundraiser


Support Local Officers Drawing at New Jersey Thatcher McGhee’s Location Helps Police Honor Fallen Comrades

New Jersey hangout Thatcher McGhee’s Irish Pub and Eatery at Pompton Lakes recently honored the local police force with its April 28th Support Local Officers Drawing. The event, described by Thatcher McGhee’s manager Stacie Oates as a “Police Unity Tricky Tray,” helped raise funds for a special purpose. “The proceeds raised go to help the families of any police officers who are killed on duty,” wrote Oates.


If you’re from the Pompton Lakes area, it makes sense that Thatcher McGhee’s would be utilized as a venue for a meaningful event like this one. Just like how the police hold fast to time-honored fraternal traditions, Thatcher McGhee’s is steeped in a history of its own. The thatched roofs of the Pomptom location as well as the Denville and Fairfield locations harken back to the roofs of traditional Irish homes, and the food served is classic Irish fare (but there are also Italian dishes available to cater to a wide range of tastes).

By hosting the venue, Thatcher McGhee’s was also able to hold true to its mission to be a place for friends and families to meet. In their words (per their website), “Thatcher’s is a place for friends to catch up, families to share a meal and celebrations to be had.” This is also not the first time Thatcher McGhee’s has hosted the local police force; the Pompton location has been a huge supporter of the officers’ Police Unity Tour, which is comprised of a police bike riding team who ride from New Jersey to Washington D.C. in order to raise money for the families of the fallen.

For this particular event, Thatcher McGhee’s helped the police officers with their advertising, but only minimally. “The police themselves handled the advertising,” wrote Oates. “I know they put up flyers in local businesses and we also put up flyers in our restaurant.”

There was a vast turnout; 130 people attended, stated Oates, and the event went off without a hitch. “The best part of the event was raising money for such a good cause,” she wrote.

There are probably a lot of readers who are planning their own raffles or auctions similar to this event. If you need some advice as to how to ensure a successful event, one tip Oates gives is to stay alert. “If someone is planning a similar event, it is important to stay in contact with the people running so everyone is on the same page,” she wrote.

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