The Cool Factor: Long Exposure


Make Promotional Stickers Work for You!

When you are planning a dynamic, low cost marketing campaign for your business or cause, consider printing custom stickers. For promotions, custom stickers meet an essential need.  At their most basic, through images and text, they convey information about your event or service to your current patrons and potential ones.

But, that’s not the only purpose they serve. While they might seem very simple, stickers can embody the creative spirit of your cause containing images and text that define your organization.  Once stuck, vinyl and economy stickers can either remain fixed or, as bumper stickers, might become part of a mobile marketing campaign, gaining exposure for your cause.

Custom stickers are a great gift, give-away or offering for your patrons. A well-designed sticker can be sought after by your loyal fans who serve as volunteer vehicles for your marketing campaign. Whether you choose to sell them to your patrons or give them away as a promotional item, stickers are a point of engagement for your patrons that allow them to feel as if they have an investment in your organization or cause.

Effective Custom Stickers

Effective stickers are well designed. Whether they are printed with your business name or band’s logo, custom stickers are promotional materials that convey information about your cause and they are also a product of your organization, which you can either give away as gifts to your patrons or sell to recoup the cost of printing.

Because they function both as a marketing material and a product, it’s important that your custom stickers are effectively designed. You want to your patrons and fans to want to sport them on their car or the back of their laptop, so you should make sure they’re cool.

Professionally printed stickers can come in a number of varieties and styles. Economy stickers are low cost solutions that allow you to create different sizes perfect for labels, product inserts and give-aways. Vinyl stickers are durable and waterproof and can be printed in different sizes or as bumper stickers.  When you design your stickers, you can choose to use logos you have created or choose from predesigned images to provide a background for your message. Pay careful attention to your copy. Make sure it stands out and conveys your cause’s brand, whether it’s quirky, funny, artistic, or straightforward.

Ready, Set, Stick

Once your custom stickers have been designed and printed, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll sell them to your patrons or give them away. In either case, your newly minted stickers will become part of a unique mobile marketing campaign. You never know just where you’ll see your logo show up.

A “voluntary” sticker campaign garners you the same kind of exposure you might pay for when you rent billboard space or take out an ad in a paper. Your logo will constantly be on the move, finding its way around town and beyond.

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