The Littlest Big Idea for Small Business


The Ultimate Secret to Small Business Success: Stickers

Running a small business can be rewarding and tough, especially in light of the current sluggish economy. As an entrepreneur you have to work hard to make sure your good or service stands out, to win loyal customers and to keep them coming through the door day after day and year after year.

You have to decide the right balance when it comes to promoting your business. How much will you rely on word of mouth, traditional and online ads, or print collateral like flyers and custom stickers? When your advertising budget is tight, this is a big decision.

New  media allows you to reach a large audience at a low cost through your own website and sites like Twitter and Facebook, and traditional print ads and billboards allow you to reach a wide audience. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of real, physical promotional collateral. An excellent, low-cost, low-risk but often overlooked marketing tool is the custom printed sticker.

Make it Real with Custom Stickers

Bumper stickers and smaller economy stickers have a distinct advantage over other forms of media in that they are tangible. Your patrons can’t grab hold of a Facebook “Like” and affix it to their car or bike. They can’t take your commercial and carry it around for others to see. With promotional stickers, you can give your patrons a physical reminder of your business or service, which they can take with them out into the world generating invaluable exposure for you

Vinyl stickers are cheap to print, so they won’t break even a meager marketing budget. They are also durable, which means once they are in place, they will stay. Weather resistant and easy to print on, vinyl stickers can handle your colorful company design, so choose a message that will stick with your fans as long as the stickers do!

While bumper stickers are a natural choice, stickers of other sizes or varieties are also excellent methods of promoting your business. You can have your product labels custom printed as economy stickers and hand out complementary vinyl stickers to match when individual purchase from you.

If you run an online business, you can make your message real by including custom stickers with your invoices. Your patrons will love the convenience of a sticker printed with your contact information. Affixed somewhere near or on their computers, they will always be able to find you when it’s time to reorder.

Get Creative

In today’s small business world, you have to be creative. Custom printed stickers allow you to inject a little whimsy into your marketing campaign. Whether you choose to share a pithy slogan or promote your new and improved website, stickers are the perfect vehicle for your message.

Your patrons will love having a colorful take-a-way from their favorite business, and your promotional stickers might just be the seed of their next word of mouth recommendation opening your business or service up to a whole new group of customers!

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