The Perfect Event Ticket


Whether I’m printing event tickets or shopping for shoes, I usually know exactly what I want, which means that I’m searching for a merchant who’s prepared to sell me my vision, rather than push their own ideas at me. In the past, I believed that, when it came to print products, and event tickets in particular, the only way to get exactly what I’d pictured in my mind was to find a local printer and work with them one on one to bring my dreams to life, in full color and full bleed.

In the present, I’ve learned that the best ticket printing is done online. Online ticket printing is:

  • Convenient: set it up any time, day or night, from the comfort of your own desk
  • Fast: easy-to-use ticket templates, online checkout, and multiple delivery options speed the process along
  • Affordable: a streamlined process means a pared down pricetag

Besides that, I can still get exactly what I want, whether I’m just searching for general admission event tickets, or need an entire event kit, complete with all my event collateral, like posters, raffle tickets, and VIP passes. Most people don’t realize all the options available when they print their own tickets online:

  • Free ticket templates—hundreds to choose from mean you’re more likely to find the perfect design for your event
  • Personalization—customize each template with all your event details; some templates even let you upload one or more custom images
  • Custom Tickets—using a DYO tool or spending a little extra for a professional designer, you can create unique tickets to suit your needs

Of course, I still get all the necessary features like individual, security numbering and perforated, detachable ticket stubs. I can even choose extras like booklet stapling, reserved seating, or thermal security paper, for just a small additional fee.

Undoubtedly, my favorite feature is the custom image upload. I can take any image file from my computer and add to a ticket template. If my organization wants to brand the event with their own logo, it’s a cinch. Or, if we’d rather provide our sponsors with some extra publicity, we can ask them for a high-quality, high-resolution copy of that image. Or, I might choose to add another photograph, such as a head shot of a popular speaker whose presence will help boost ticket sales. Whatever image I choose to add, image upload is a great way to turn a free ticket template into a unique event ticket.

After image upload, my next favorite feature is the matching event kits I can purchase along with my event tickets, in particular, the matching raffle tickets. An allied prize draw is simply the best way to turn an event into a successful fundraiser. Printing raffle tickets and having them shipped well in advance let me start making money even before I start selling event tickets.

Finally, I know some people worry about the loss of human contact. They don’t trust computers and they worry that they won’t be able to talk to a human being if there’s a problem. Not with my ticket printing company! In addition to extensive FAQs, answering practically any question I’ve ever had, they also offer toll-free customer support, so I know that I can talk to a qualified service representative if I need to.

That’s why I’ve decided that, whenever I need to print up some event tickets for my organization, I’ll save time, money, and frustration by choosing an online event ticket printer!

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