Ticket Rolls and Raffle Ticket Rolls Explained


Ticket rolls. You’ve probably bought a bundle at a carnival for rides, redeemed them for food and beverages at an event, or purchased some to enter a raffle

Roll tickets are one of the basics of events and fundraising, however, simple as they are, we get all sorts of questions about them! In this article, we’ll answer all your burning ticket roll questions, including (click any question to jump to the answer!): 

What are roll tickets?

Roll tickets are…well, numbered tickets on a roll. Printed on sturdy card stock and available in various colors, each item on the roll is perforated so you can easily separate one from another. In addition, every ticket on the roll has a sequential, unique number. Ticket rolls are incredibly affordable, making them a staple for fundraisers everywhere! As a result, they’re one of our stocked items and are ready to ship.

There are two basic types of ticket rolls—single roll and double roll tickets. You can also have custom roll tickets specifically created for your event. 

How do ticket rolls work?

There is functionality overlap between single and double roll tickets—they’re versatile items! Still, the two types do lend themselves to different purposes.

Single Roll Tickets 

Single roll tickets are composed of single tickets that are connected end to end. They’re the perfect tickets for carnival games, door prizes, and food/drink tickets. Often employed as admission tickets or raffle tickets, they’re best when the customer does not need to retain a stub. This is because you have to tear the actual ticket in half to get matching numbers. Unfortunately, that method often results in two unevenly torn pieces, one of which the attendee has to worry about losing.

Double Roll Tickets 

Double roll tickets are numbered ticket pairs connected side to side and strung end to end. Each ticket pair has duplicate numbers unique from the others on the roll (see image above). The primary function of these double tickets is as a stub and ticket. For example, when selling double roll tickets for prize drawings, you put one ticket half in the raffle drum, then give the matching half to the attendee.

Pro tip: Our customers often use ticket rolls in various colors for different uses. For instance, you might sell red single roll tickets as soft drink tickets and green single roll rickets for rides or games.

Custom roll tickets 

Custom roll tickets are design and printed especially for your event with your logo or use displayed on the top. 

What is the difference between custom event tickets and ticket rolls?

Custom event tickets (or raffle tickets) are like the big brother or sister to the roll ticket. Created and printed especially for your event or fundraiser, custom tickets reflect the look and feel of your function. They’re also great for occasions with reserved seating, such as a theatre performance. They are a little more expensive than ticket rolls, but they’re worth it because they make a great impression, enable easy event re-entry, and extend your celebration’s visual brand. To illustrate this, check out the sampling of event ticket templates below.

Where can I buy roll tickets? 

We hope you’ll get your ticket rolls and raffle ticket rolls from Eventgroove! We offer one-business-day turnaround, super-low prices, several shipping options, and a satisfaction guarantee. However, you can certainly purchase them at party stores, big-box retailers, and other online purveyors. 

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