Eventgroove Announces Computer Science Scholarships


At our core we are a technology company.  Technology drives everything we do, from the website experience to our enormous template inventory to customer support to our order management system and finally to the actual digital press printing.  Given this, it’s critical for us to grow and nurture technology education, specifically, computer science.  To this end, we announced today the creation of two new scholarships at Montana State University:

These scholarships are focused on undergraduate computer science students from rural Montana, specifically towns with 5,000 or less in population.  As we grow, we hope to expand the scholarship program to several universities around the globe again with a focus, or preference for students from rural areas.

Why the focus on rural? Great question. We believe that rural America is a phenomenal place from which to serve our customers not only across North America but the world.  Many of our team members were raised on nearby ranches.   A ranch is a family business.  Growing up on a ranch, caring for animals, and pulling together as a family forms the values that run our business everyday:  teamwork, customer-focused, quality, intensity, growth (individual and company), innovation, and ownership — every full-time employee in our company is a part-owner.

Why just computer science? Although we have many disciplines in our company — graphic design, customer service, online marketing, business strategy, software development, and more — we have focused these scholarships on computer science. Ecommerce software and hardware are the engines that run Eventgroove every day.  These engines run on the internet, the most empowering technology and network the world has ever seen. Combining the two into a compelling and competitive business model empowers a small company like us to compete globally.  We have ‘exported’ our engines and business model to the UK and Australia with plans to do more expansion in the future.

At the elemental core of all of this is computer science, and that’s why we are so excited to announce these scholarships with Montana State University.

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