Tyvek Wristbands: Simply the Best Event Management Tools Ever


Paper Wristbands for Your Greatest Event Yet

tyvek wristbands

What’s your next event? A local Glee style charity sing-off? A Lollapalooza like music festival? A talent show where the next Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus will be discovered? Whether you are managing a teen idol’s mega-concert or directing a local high school a capella group, you have a big task ahead of you. Make your job task a little easier by choosing Tyvek wristbands to organize your crowd.

Let The Right Ones In

No matter the size and scope of your event, you should keep track of the people walking through the gates of your venue.  Paper event wristbands provide visible cues that folks are in the right place. Event wristbands securely fit around your attendees’ wrists and can’t be transferred to other guests. Because of this, you can rest assured that the folks milling around your concert hall or festival site are supposed to be there.

No worries! If your show strikes the right chord with your guests, they won’t try to take those event wristbands off for weeks to come.

The Under 21 Set

When you are hosting teen fans of potential teen idols, you can’t be too careful! You want to make sure your young attendees stay on the straight and narrow. Colored wristbands can be a great way to manage your concessions. Check IDs at the door, and slip secure wristbands onto your underage guests to ensure the only drink they will be buying from your vendors is soda.

You can also choose specific custom wristbands for folks who want to responsibly imbibe and ones for self-identified designated drivers who will be in charge of the folks who imbibe in a less responsible manner.

Best Night Ever

Maybe your guests are there to see and sing along with real teen stars or they are getting a glimpse at potential ones. No matter what, the music will be great, and your guests will have the best night ever!

You don’t have to book the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift to build the excitement or enthusiasm of your younger attendees, but you will want to leave them with something that helps them remember the name of the act they have come to see. Custom printed wristbands are perfect for this purpose. Choose the logo of the act or of your organization. Add your website address so your guests can find out more.

The event wristband helps you keep track of your guests at your venue, and later,  it helps your guests keep track of the performers they saw there.

Event Wristbands, the Real Deal

The event wristband may seem simple, but it does a big job. It’s a crowd management tool, an advertising space, and a souvenir all in one. Not bad at all for an inexpensive paper wristband, and not bad for your event either.

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