What Are Table Tents and Why Should You Use Them?


Table tents are mini billboards! However, instead of alongside a freeway, they have maximum impact when displayed on any horizontal surface at eye level. As a result, they’re terrific at helping to build brand recognition and drawing customer attention to special offers, new products, and announcing upcoming events. You’ve probably seen them out in the wild at restaurants, bars, and waiting areas.

Table tents (also known as table talkers or table tent cards) aren’t just for marketing restaurant specials—they’re also great promotional tools for retail businesses, spas, fundraising events, and schools. If you’ve got a special offer in the works or upcoming events, table tents are an excellent way to draw the attention of your community.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should incorporate table tents into your marketing strategy (including table talkers with QR codes), how to make them, and some of the basics regarding their makeup

Four Reasons Table Talkers Are Terrific Marketing Tools

  1. As anyone who’s ever stood in line knows, you end up looking around, and boom! A table card has caught your attention, and you’ve read all about a little league fundraiser, new spa service, or pub game night.  
  1. QR codes can be added to tent cards. In the case of business or restaurant table tents, that’s an excellent way for customers to access menus or offerings! If you’re raising money for a cause, custom table tents with a QR code bring a whole other level of awesome.  Here’s why—you can have the code direct users straight to your fundraising site, where they can instantly donate or buy an online raffle ticket. Check out how one of our rotary customers used QR codes to raise $40,000 for their community!
  1. If you’re promoting a fundraiser, tent cards are prime sponsorship opportunities for local businesses.
  1. They’re affordable—on Eventgroove, you can get 25 custom table talkers for around $40! In other words, the ROI (return on investment) is excellent. 

How To Make Table Tents

  1. Making table tents in Word is definitely a thing. However, it can also be a hassle since you must get the correct card stock, design and print them. We’d argue that the cost savings vs. the time and money spent are not necessarily worth the effort!
  1. Print-on-demand table talkers are simpler to organize. are simpler to organize. In the case of Eventgroove (our company!), all you need to do is choose a template from our wide array of table card designs. Nest, add your text (and sometimes images, depending on the template). From there, you approve your proof and pay! The entire process takes no time at all. Plus, Eventgroove table tent printing turns around fast — your custom table tents will be on their way within one business day. 
  1. Finally, you can work with someone to have them custom designed (our team is happy to create a table tent design to your specifications!).

Table Talkers 101

What size are table tents? 

Table tents can be produced in all sorts of sizes. Eventgroove’s measure 5.5″ x 6.75″ at the face when folded. 

What are they printed on? 

Table talkers are printed on sturdy, stiff paper type so that they will stay upright. Additionally, lamination can offer an extra layer of protection.

How do they stand up?

Typically, table tents are equipped with an interlocking base and shipped in a flat box. When you’re ready to distribute them, simply fold and interlock the base ! 

Where do I put table tents? 

  1. It depends on what you’re promoting! If you own the business, restaurant, gym, or spa and are marketing an in-store item, place them wherever you like. A few examples include tabletops, in the bathroom, in waiting areas, or by a register. 
  1. If you’re marketing a fundraiser, go to local businesses and offices and ask if they’d display them for you. 

Ready to test the table tent waters?  You won’t be disappointed with the results! Count on Eventgroove for top-quality table tent printing at a low cost—satisfaction guaranteed.

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