When Things Get Complicated, Simplify


Wristbands for Simplicity’s Sake

How can a sheet of paper bracelets help keep your event orderly?

Consider your event before you need Wristbands. Maybe it started as a simple  gathering of friends and neighbors, a few  barbecues or a shared potluck for a small donation, perhaps billed as a fundraiser for the local PTA because you wanted to do something good. It was so much fun, the next year, you did it again. More folks came. Eventually, your annual party evolved into a community event. That’s when you started thinking big.

You and your peers decided to turn it into a real fundraiser to benefit your city’s schools.  Word got out. The venue was moved to a bigger location. Local vendors offered sponsorship. Restaurants catered. Bands got booked. Artists, and crafters and sellers of all kinds put up booths. Attendees even bought tickets. Maybe you realized they needed to wear event wristbands just so you could figure out who paid, or who was old enough to drink. What started out small grew, and now folks come from all over town to attend your yearly block party. If you haven’t started distributing Event Wristbands, now might be a good time to start.

When You’re Ready To Enjoy Your Party as Much as Your Guests

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you were still attending the small intimate gathering of the past? It’s great to see a well-attended fundraiser, but you would like to spend less time directing and more time being at the event. When the occasion is well-organized, and the crowd is well-managed, even you can take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the party, the ease of visual recognition provided by color coded wristbands can be the key.

How Do You Manage Your Growing Event?

When you expect a large number of guests, effective pre-planning can make a real difference. Managing the comings and goings of your attendees can take a lot of time and energy, so you’ll want to keep this aspect of your event organized.

Begin when your guests arrive at the gate. Admission tickets are perfect for getting your guests in, but you may want a visible cue to ensure the right guests have access to the right events. Color wristbands are an excellent way to keep tabs on individuals once they make it into your venue. They allow volunteers or staff to immediately identify gatecrashers or underage drinkers. Wristbands just make it simple to determine who belongs where.

Who’s Who at Your Event?

As attendees arrive, you can organize them using custom security wristbands. Admission wristbands allow security to easily identify whether individuals belong at your event. They make it easier for you to keep track of guests who may need to leave the venue, but want to return. Rather than holding onto ticket stubs that can get passed to others or getting a stamp that can easily be rubbed off, guests can merely show their wristbands to attendants.

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you can better manage sales by issuing bar wristbands to guests over twenty-one. This help keeps concession lines stay organized and move quickly.  You can also use event wristbands to manage your VIP traffic in the same way. Instead of collecting passes to special events, attendants can simply check to see if guests have the correct color wristband.

Additionally, Tyvek wristbands are durable, waterproof and hard to lose. They can’t be wiped off like a stamp, and they are also recyclable, so when guests turn them in at the end of the day, you can feel good about choosing a sustainable material to help manage your event.

Enjoy Your Event

This year, spend less time directing guest traffic and more time being a part of it when you choose admission wristbands to help organize the crowd. It may be bigger than it was in the past, but it only means you have more opportunities to have a great time!

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