Why Tyvek ® Wristbands?


Tyvek® Wristbands For The Win!

You’re preparing for a big crowd and you want to manage it effectively (duh). Event tickets get your guests through the turnstiles, but you want to make sure you can keep your attendees organized once they’re in your venue. For this purpose, Tyvek® Wristbands are the perfect tool.

What is Tyvek®?

Tyvek® is a non-woven synthetic material with qualities of both plastic and paper, manufactured by Dupont™. It can be printed on like paper, but it’s durable like plastic, resisting folding, bending, and tearing. It’s strong and lightweight, making them practical and comfortable to wear.

These Tyvek® admission wristbands are also waterproof, making them a practical choice for indoor or outdoor events, and even more specific situations like pool entry.

Tyvek® is not only used as event wristbands. The technology can also be found in construction materials, car and boat covers, advertising banners and posters, shipping envelopes, packing for medical equipment, and protective clothing. It has even been used by some designers as a material for fashion collections.

Tyvek® Can Be Upcycled And Recycled

One of the big draws of this material is that it can be reused and recycled. The material has found a strong following among crafters and “upcyclers”, which are individuals who creatively repurpose used materials. One need only do a quick search on the Internet to find a myriad of Tyvek® reuse projects on DIY websites. From durable wallets made from reclaimed envelopes to ponchos, purses, tents, and kites, Tyvek® can be reused in countless creative ways.

Another benefit of this material is that it is recyclable. When you use wristbands at your big event, you can ask guests to return them at the end of the day. Made of polyethylene, similar to the material that plastic bottles are made from, this product is fully recyclable. Both you and your guests will feel better knowing that your event wristbands will be put to good reuse. You can find out more about how to recycle Tyvek® by visiting the Dupont™ website.

Keeping Your Event Secure With Tyvek® Wristbands

Wristbands can be found in a variety of colors so that you can organize particular groups of guests. Whether you want to keep your underage attendees from sidling up to the bar or get your VIP guests into a backstage gathering, the brightly colored event wristbands can be used to quickly and effectively discern who should be where.

If you want to brand this material with a particular logo or test, brand away.  Tyvek® wristbands are best suited to inkjet printing which will not smear or rub. So when you decide to print event wristbands, you can submit your unique graphic to be included in the design. You can also order custom security wristbands that feature sequential numbering and unique holographic foils for quick visual checks. This helps prevent imposters from entering your venue without paying.

Tyvek® wristbands make use of tamper-proof adhesive when fitted to an attendee’s wrist. They can be attached securely and snuggly. Because they resist tearing, a wristband cannot be removed without destroying the product, so individuals can’t exchange one band for another or pass a used wristband on to a friend.

A Unique Material For A Unique Event

When you’re ready to ensure the security of a big event, design, print, and buy custom Tyvek® Wristbands. Made of a unique material, they are both cost-effective and secure. You can order and print cheap custom wristbands online using your own custom logos and text. Your event is special, so take care when selecting the tools you use to help manage it

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