Wild Wild West


When you head out west to Arizona and New Mexico, every cactus silhouette against a blue enamel sky and jaggedly beautiful rock formation conjures up the days of the Wild West. Imagining what it was like when the sound of horses, jangling spurs, and saloon pianos filled every town is as easy as taking a breath!

Back then, life was rowdy, rough, and dusty, but people had all come west for several reasons—to get land, to find gold, to start fresh, to amass a fortune, to build something new….and also maybe to run from the law! We’ll never know what it was like to actually live during this time (unless Dr. Emmett Brown whisks us all there in his time-traveling train), but not for want of trying. Though countless books, movies, and TV shows try to capture the spirit of those gun-smoky, raucous days, nothing does it better than a wild west show!

About the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros

photo: Shanna Cadwell Photography

Filled with gunslingers, explosions, gun fights, saloons, and all associated goings-on, they bring those days to life. And no one does that better than Eventgroove customer Jerry Woods and his Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros. An accomplished stuntman, Jerry created the Pistoleros in 1997 for Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, the famous Tucson restaurant in Trail Dust Town.

Jam-packed with fight scenes, stunts, explosions, interactive dialogue, and comedy, the family-friendly Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros show takes place in an authentic 1880s western setting. The crew goes to great lengths to keep costumes and weaponry consistent with the era, and the shows are always changing—Jerry and his crew regularly create new performances, as well as put on special Christmas productions.

It used to cost a wooden nickel purchased at Trail Dust Town’s ticket office to see the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros. Now, they use custom event tickets from Eventgroove! Explained Jerry, “The tickets are a replacement for our former ticket; a “wooden nickel” printed specifically for us. We would redeem the wooden nickels for admission into the show, but we wanted our guests to have a ticket stub to take as a souvenir, so we switched. I liked Eventgroove because of how easy it was to use your site to design tickets, get accurate pricing and get questions answered fast!”

Music to our ears, Jerry! We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. It’s our hope that TP.com tickets find their way into scrapbooks and keepsake boxes, and we also hope we can get to Trail Dust Town to see the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros someday! If you’d like to see their fantastic show and take in all the fun and shopping at Trail Dust Town, visit the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros online for details.

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