Win Friends and Influence People with a Little Adhesive


Make Your Message Stick with the Most Effective Marketing Tool!

Let me guess…You have a band that could use some exposure? You champion a charity you want the whole community to know about? You own a small business that you want to see grow? Your kids go to a school in need of extra funding? No matter your cause, your goal is to get your message out there and make it stick.

What’s the one of the best ways to get your cause into the public view? Stickers, of course! Custom printed stickers are fun, effective and versatile. An excellent addition to your marketing strategy, they allow you to advertise a professional message in small, non-traditional spaces that will get folks stuck on your service, cause or event.

Economy Stickers Help You Stand Out

Want to add a little flair to your next mailer or some color and fun to your publicity packet? Consider printing economy stickers. Inexpensive and functional, they make for excellent inserts, full-color product labels and complementary collateral.

Used on their own or as part of a bigger marketing plan, economy stickers can be printed with your images and information. Available in a number of sizes, you can mail them out with invoices to your business customers, so they’ll remember to order from you in the future. You can use them as labels for your handmade goods. Or have them printed up for a party and hand them out to guests as souvenirs. There are many uses for these unique stickers.

Put your Message on Wheels with Bumper Stickers

When you are ready to really get your message rolling, consider printing vinyl bumper stickers. The promotional stickers are an inexpensive way to gain exposure for your product, service or cause. Waterproof and fade resistant, they stand up to weather and wear, so don’t be afraid to print bumper stickers with your business or band’s name.

Be prepared to get mileage out of your message, when you put your brand on the road.

Vinyl Stickers Give you the Best of Both Worlds

If you are looking for stickers that retain the versatile size and shape of economy stickers but have the durability of bumper stickers, consider having vibrant vinyl stickers printed for your next event or promotion. Waterproof, fade resistant and made for full-color printing, vinyl stickers come in a variety of sizes. They are perfect for promoting your band, business or event.

Fans and patrons love the look and feel of these slick stickers, so don’t be surprised if you see them all over town, on the backs of laptops, cars, notebook computers and skateboard decks. Vinyl stickers are cool! And printed with your logo, they’ll be sought after souvenirs.

Make Sure it Sticks!

When you are ready to gain extra exposure for your cause and make sure that your message sticks with your audience, make sure you design and print custom stickers.

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