File Format Specifications for PCs and Macs

Eventgroove's printing division is a digital printing service. We specialize in variable data printing. Print jobs that require variable data printing include numbered raffle tickets and reserved seating tickets. We would be happy to provide a quote based on your job specifications. Please use the specifications below as you prepare your files for printing. Once you have prepared your files you can use Eventgroove's feature to upload your files to the Eventgroove team.

Types of program files we accept:

  • Inkscape (.svg)
  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • Illustrator (.ai)
  • QuarkXPress (.qxp)
  • InDesign

A Note About Font Files: Please rasterize or outline all fonts to avoid any missing fonts.

A Note About Working On Macs: If working from on a Mac, please rasterize or outline your fonts.

We can also accept these program file types, but they are Not Recommended:

  • Word (.doc), Publisher (.pub) or Powerpoint (.ppt)
    These are not recommended file types, however if you already have them setup in these programs or if it is all you have, please send it to us and we can use it as a guide to design your ticket.

Types of image files we accept:

  • PNG (.png) - recommended
  • TIFF (.tif/.tiff) - recommended
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg)
  • EPS (.eps)

A Note About Image DPI: All images should be 300 DPI at Full Image Size.

We can also accept these image file types, but they are Not Recommended:

  • GIF (.gif)

Print/Image Area:

We can set up files for any size, and with or without a full bleed; however, this may affect the price. If you have some flexibility on the size of your final product, please call ahead for measurements so we can give you the best price possible. To design your own ticket with a full bleed, the designer must take care to follow these instructions. The full color must extend beyond the trim size by 0.1" on all sides. The text and ticket information must be within the trim size by 0.1" on all sides.

Please send us a file with the stub line and number position to show placement and another file without the stub line and number for printing.

If your order is cancelled after we send you a proof you will be billed a minimum of $50.00.

If your file type or program is not listed or you have questions about this information, contact our Customer Service Specialists at 888.771.0809 or