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Print Posters and Flyers for Economical Event Promotion

Hosting an event is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle: everything has to fit just right for the finished product to look great. You’ve gotten your sponsors, procured materials for set-up, and sent out invitations to a hefty guest list. But there is something missing from your upcoming event.

For any public event, promotion and advertising are important components. Without promotion, even those who RSVPed and said they would show up may decide to opt out for a more favorable gathering, especially if there is no buzz about your event or party.

The question is, then, what is the best way to promote an event?

Most people have a limited amount of money to spend on advertising, and require a maximum return on their investment. Here are some ways to quickly and easily promote your upcoming event, without breaking the piggy bank.

Go Postal

Print posters and flyers to promote your next event. Put them up around your local event area, or anywhere around town that you can. Choose from hundreds of different templates for specific types of events, or create a custom poster or flyer that is perfect for that one-time special event.

Find out which local businesses will allow you to post your flyers on their community boards. Look up the law in your local area to find out if you can post flyers in places with high pedestrian traffic. For example, bus and train stops are great places hang posters that will catch commuters’ eyes and get them thinking about your event.

Promote your Sponsors

Want an easy way to pay homage to those generous sponsors who’ve given you the means to put on your fabulous event? Upload their logos onto your posters and flyers. Every time someone looks at a poster or flyer, they will be able to instantly recognize the sponsors and can begin to associate them with your event.

It’s easier than it sounds. Many of the templates available for printing posters and flyers already have areas dedicated to uploading images. They’re perfect for sponsor logos. All you have to do is request an image from each sponsor. And there’s no doubt each sponsor will be excited about the prospect of extra publicity for their companies, in addition to the guarantee that more people will hear about and attend your event.


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