Honk If You Love Bumper Stickers!


When you’re ready to take your message to the streets, custom bumper stickers are the perfect vehicle for your organization! Custom car decals and stickers can deliver word of your business to a wide audience at a low cost.

I May Be Slow, but I’m Ahead of You

How often have you been driving only to find your eyes drawn to a color car sticker on the bumper ahead of you? You need to pay attention to the driver in front, and because it’s impossible to ignore them, it’s also nearly impossible to ignore the message they’ve chosen to share with the public.

When you design and print bumper stickers for your business, you put your promotion on wheels. Your message is seen all over town and beyond. A well-designed car window decal or bumper sticker can illicit interest from whole new audiences.

Speak Your Mind

While a bumper sticker may not have as much space as a poster or billboard, a well-designed one can help you get your message across just as well. You’re working with limited room and limited attention, so you’ll want to choose a message that stands out and captures your audience right away.

When deciding on a message for your car stickers, choose something concise and memorable. How much information do you want to share? Is a slogan or a logo enough? Should you include the phone number of the business or its website address? Share enough information that the curious will be able to find you easily without cluttering your design.

My Other Car is a Bicycle

With the growing green movement, more and more folks are hanging up their car keys and using their bikes instead. This is great for the environment, and it can also be great for your advertising campaign. When you envision bumper stickers, you may picture a long rectangle with a bright, witty slogan, but you can also print quality weather proof square and oval bumper stickers which can wrap easily around any part of a bike frame or cart.

You still have your promotion on wheels , and you can be happy in the knowledge that your traveling marketing campaign is having less impact on the environment!

The Art is Not in Making Money, but in Keeping It

One of the great things about using bumper stickers is that they can reach more folks than traditional advertising, helping you stretch your marketing budget even further.  When you buy ad space on billboards, newspapers or on the web, it stays put. Readers and visitors only see your message if they drive by or remain on the page. When you make your own stickers, they get around, touching many more potential customers as they go. When you share them with current customers, you also help to reinforce their bond with your brand.

Making custom stickers is a relatively easy process. You can design and print custom bumper stickers in a variety of sizes online. You can upload your own images and logos to show off the unique nature of your brand. Choose waterproof, weather-resistant vinyl bumper stickers to ensure your message lasts for a very long time.

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