Your COVID-19 Gameplan for Reopening – Part 2


Part 2: Update & Inform with COVID-19 Print Materials

In our first installment of this blog, we shared how important it is to create a detailed gameplan and put procedures in place for reopening your place of operation following the outbreak of COVID-19. Now we’ll stress the importance of using COVID-19 print material across the workplace as your reopen.

You should ensure you’re doing everything possible to curate a safe, COVID-free workplace as you return to normal operating schedules. The next step is to equip your organization with the rest of the tools necessary to clearly communicate guidelines and promote social distancing in the workplace.

Consider putting the following best practices into place and use your detailed gameplan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.


Communicate to your employees and customers your COVID-19 gameplan by displaying them clearly, or even reaching out with email and direct mail

In the office: Use flyers and banners to give friendly reminders to wash hands and stay 6 feet apart. Post these at entrances and in common areas as friendly reminders for all.

Encourage social distancing. Spread out workspaces, if possible, to give employees enough room to work safely. Remind employees of social distancing measures with print material in common areas of your workplace.

Visual Identification

We suggest using wristbands on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to indicate daily wellness screenings have been conducted each morning before entering the building.

Access to Resources 

Provide hand sanitizer and face masks or gaiters to make it easy to practice good hygiene in common areas.

Encourage employees to wipe down their workspaces at the start and finish of each day with antibacterial wipes.

Check out other COVID-19 print products to share safety guidelines and info here.

Make sure to refer to the CDC website for further guidelines for handling COVID-19 in the workplace.

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