Raffle of the Week: The Angleton Girls Softball Association Fundraiser


The Angleton Girls Softball Association Receives Support from Community

The Angleton Girls Softball Association in Angleton, TX held their Spring 2015 Annual Fundraiser this past February. The event had several great prizes up for grabs, including a 48” Sony BRAVIA HDTV, an Apple iPad Air, an Apple iPad Mini, Beats by Dre headphones, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, a Jawbone MINI JAMBOX, and Chili’s $50 gift certificates.

Angleton Girls Softball Association

Arturo Lopez, the president of the Angleton Girls Softball Association, stated that the event celebrated the season start of the league. “The event is the opening day for girls’ fast pitch softball league providing a venue for the young ladies in the community to participate and learn in the sport,” he wrote in an email interview. “The tickets are used in support of the prime fundraiser for the league.” According to its website, the association is a non-profit organization “dedicated to providing a safe family environment for girls ages and up to play softball” in the area.

Of course, support for the team requires tons of people, so promotion for the event included several different methods. “We used word of mouth, email, as well as Facebook,” wrote Lopez. Thanks to the hard promotional work, the event had a solid turnout. “The event went very well with ideal weather and good speakers,” he wrote. “Fourteen teams were present with accompanying parents and other family members. All in all, a very good day.”

Lopez wrote that there were many impressive parts of the event, including “the Sherriff’s Deputy Honor Guard presenting the colors, the raising of the flag, the weather, the first pitch,” to name a few.

The weather behaving is something of note and provides a lesson to other event-planners when it comes to developing plans for when inclement weather decides to strike. “We were concerned about the weather as the weatherman had been predicting rain for the day. We planned contingencies and set up communication networks to be able to contact people in the event of the dreaded rain out,” wrote Lopez. “As the hour approached, we could see clouds in the distance. To our good fortune, the clouds skirted around us and we were blessed with very desirable spring weather.”

Aside from having back-up plans, Lopez also stated that having people who are willing to work with you puts an event on the track towards success. “I have a very good group of people working with me and that is the greatest reason for the success.”

You can learn more about the Angleton Girls Softball Association at their website. How do you support your local sports teams?


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