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The Chelsea Film Festival Set to Bring New Inspiring Films to New York City

The Chelsea Film Festival is bringing its message of awareness back to Chelsea, New York City. The festival begins Oct. 16, and from then through Oct. 19, the Chelsea area will play host to films that present a positive and empowering worldview to attendees.

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Lauren Baker, the film festival’s media coordinator, spoke to Ticket-Printing.com via phone about the film festival, which is in its second edition. Baker said that the origins of the festival stem from a harrowing event.  “The festival got started when the founders got into a really tragic car accident,” said Baker. “After their recovery, they decided that they were going to help change the world.”

To achieve their mission, the founders created the Chelsea Film Festival. The festival is, Baker states, an “an international competition” as well as “the only film festival in the heart of Chelsea.” “This year we have 12 countries represented in our feature-length films alone being represented,” she said. “That’s not even to say how many we have in our short film selection.”

“Anyone from any country can enter. It’s for new filmmakers, so we want people who haven’t really had the exposure they want. New…emerging…rising filmmakers,” she said. “All of the films submitted must tackle a global issue, whether that’s women’s rights, poverty, starvation, war, politics, any kind of global issue[.]”

Of course, with film festivals, there will be films. But there will be tons more for all attendees to take part in. “We have a filmmaker meet-and-greet, we’ll be having ,” said Baker. “We’ll be having parties, events, Q&As, all sorts of fun, exciting things besides the films, which are all New York premieres.”

10616258_568307376608091_8699723812279523731_nThe festival is only one prong in an overarching plan to inspire Chelsea’s citizens. Along with the film festival, there’s the Chelsea Film Institute. “ was started to bring the fine arts—culture, dance, tai-chi, acting—to the underprivileged youth of Chelsea, New York City,” said Baker. The classes the organization offer are, according to the film festival’s website, free and allow the students to develop their love for the arts and learn about other cultures. The organization’s current focus is on the Chelsea Projects, with the mission of “Making the World a Better Place.”

“e are working to tackle global issues, to bring awareness, and to get people to talking because the first step to solving anything is to make people aware of it,” said Baker. “And, Chelsea is such a great area; it’s in the heart of New York City. There’s so much culture here, there are so many people, but people need to be made aware also that in every neighborhood…there might be somebody who needs assistance.”

Baker, who started work with the festival this June, helps the festival reach and connect with the community through partnerships. “…I work with all of the partners who support the festival with their time, their products, their donations, and their press,” she said.

Baker and the festival’s marketing team have used many of the most popular methods of promotion, methods that have also been used by many of Eventgroove’s customers. “We have been promoting the festival with a lot of newsletters and press releases based on all of the contacts we’ve made throughout the last year since last year’s festival, not to mention the professional contacts created over the last 15 plus years from our Founder and Co-Founder, Ingrid and Sonia,” she said. “We also have a very active social media presence .”

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One very important aspect that future promoters could learn from Baker’s marketing technique is to share the promotional love with your partners.  “All of our partners help us cross-promote,” she said. “So, anyone we’ve partnered with, we promote for them and they promote for us. It really helps us spread the word farther and farther with any relationship we make.”

If you are in the Chelsea area this October and want to view new films from emerging artists and learn more about the world, make sure to get your tickets to the Chelsea Film Festival. To learn more, visit the festival’s website.


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