Event of the Week: Dirk Flowers Benefit


Dirk Flowers Benefit Provides Relief to Texas Man and His Family

The community of Bridge City, TX recently held a benefit in honor of one of their own that has been struck with a severe illness. The Dirk Flowers Benefit helped provide much-needed monetary relief for a man and his family and showed what a community could achieve when it comes together.

Christy Ridgaway, one of the organizers of the event, wrote in an email interview how Dirk Flowers, the person of honor, was in need of some serious help from his friends and family after being dealt a devastating diagnosis. “… had been diagnosed with brain cancer,” she said. “His insurance would not cover a significant amount of his treatments. He could not work and his wife needed to be with him and was also not able to work.” The benefit, which took place at the St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City, featured a live auction and silent auction as well as a barbeque plate lunch.


For the benefit to provide the monetary help needed for Flowers and his family, there had to be a big promotional push. The event was promoted through various outlets, said Ridgaway. “We distributed flyers, setFB_IMG_1437842557748 up a Facebook event, and had the local newspaper publish an article on Dirk and his situation.’ There was also a GoFundMe page set up for Flowers, which helped fundraise alongside the event.

The event itself was extremely successful, thanks to the promotional tactics used and the goodwill of the community. “We raised $42,000.00 selling barbecue plates, having a live auction and a silent auction, raffling off items using the tickets, and taking cash donations,”  said Ridgaway. “We had a band play as well.” Thanks to the donations, a large weight was lifted from the Flowers family.


Are you developing a fundraiser similar to the Dirk Flowers Benefit? Ridgaway gives some pointers, particularly when it comes to utilizing volunteers. “This event was run and managed completely by volunteers,” said Ridgaway. “When using volunteers, you must take into account that some may be called in to work, have an emergency, be sick etc. Always plan to have more volunteers than necessary so that you have a backup plan. Try to plan ahead for last minute needs like running errands, etc.”

As of the last GoFundMe update, Flowers has been recovering from surgery; if you’d like to help Flowers, you can donate to his GoFundMe page by clicking here.

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