Don’t Wig Out! Wristbands for Easy Event Management


Event of the Week: Dive Bar Crawl Wig Party

Every January, Christi, a registered nurse organizes a party bus “dive bar crawl” for a group of healthcare professionals. Each year has its own theme, and this year’s was wigs. Christi talks with the bars ahead of time to let them know the bus will be coming. She also plans on-board activities for the partygoers on the bus.

The Dive Bar Crawl Wig Party was “not a fundraiser.” No money was made.  Christi and the organizers charged just enough to cover the cost of the event, and at $45, it was well worth it for a night out!

This year, attendees wore hot pink wrist bands Christi ordered from Eventgroove. This helped identify the group at the various venues they visited. Christi was able to keep track of attendees because she could tell by the wristbands who had paid and checked-in. It also gave the bus driver an easy way to know who was allowed on the bus. Christi, “thought they would be fun especially because we printed ‘adult supervision required’ on them.”

Of course, the wigs also helped to raise the group’s profile. Most of the bars on the dive crawl were even thoughtful enough to mix up a hair or wig themed drink just for the attendees.

This year’s event really drew a crowd, though it wasn’t advertised beyond word of mouth. There was a similar event last January, and folks were eager to attend again. In fact, Christi had to turn people away because the bus was full.

Not every great event has to be planned on a grand scale, nor do all events require complicated and coordinated marketing and advertising strategies. As Christi and the attendees of The Dive Bar Crawl Wig Party proved, some events just speak for themselves.

What’s next for Christi and her group? In July, they’ll host a party barge. It should be a great success!

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