Raffle of the Week: Epiphone Firebird/Peavey Half Stack Raffle


Local Wisconsin Concert Gives Away Classic Guitar through Epiphone Firebird/Peavey Half Stack Raffle

March 28th was a day to celebrate and support local bands with the Epiphone Firebird/Peavey Half Stack Raffle in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The raffle helped support Bash in The Bluffs 4: Bash 4 More, a local concert featuring five bands including Annabel Lee, I am Dragon, Acyuta, Basement Fire and The Moguls.


Cyrus Pekala explained more about the raffle in an email interview. “The raffle was a way to encourage attendance and help fund the bands and crew,” he wrote. The raffle, which was sponsored by Baraboo Music and took place during Bash in The Bluffs at the Pumphouse Sports Bar & Grille, featured a grand prize of a red Epiphone Firebird guitar as well as a 100-watt Peavey Classic 115 Half Stack.


Pekala said a lot of the hard promotional work was done offline. “While we did advertise in local music magazines and the internet, most of the advertising was done as person to person, feet on the ground,” he said. Pekala said that the tickets helped make the raffle even more of an professional event. “The tickets I ordered…legitimized the event and the raffle for us,” he wrote. “It gave us the professional image we wanted for the event.”

The event seemed to be a huge success, especially since the event brought out some newcomers. “The greatest part of the event was showcasing the talent in our area and sharing it with people who often would not go to such an event,” wrote Pekala. “Also, the guitar went to a very deserving music student.”

For those getting ready to hold their own raffle or fundraiser, Pekala wrote that big impact is key and using “cheap but effective” tickets will provide the right first impression to potential guests and sponsors. “When I was out promoting, people would be weary of what I was really doing until they saw the tickets,” he wrote. “It was as if the tickets were the key to people taking the event seriously.” Pekala also said that persistence is key when promoting.

If you happen to be in Baraboo and want to support Baraboo Music for their help with the fourth annual Bash in the Bluffs, make sure to learn more about the business at their website.  Also, check out Pumphouse Sports Bar & Grille by visiting their website and Facebook and Google+ pages.

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