First Impressions Last: 3 Ways to Stick Out Among the Competition


Use Event Programs for Lasting Recognition

In a world where globalization increases day by day and consumers are offered more and more diverse ways to spend their cash than ever before, it can be a challenge to find new and exciting ways to stick out among the competition. There are many different ways to go about getting people’s attention, and an organization may choose to advertise a certain way in order to fit their specific needs.

It all depends on how an organization plans to retain lasting recognition. A strategic yet subtle way to stick out in people’s minds, whether they are potential investors, customers, future employees or one of the general public, is to print event programs. There are a number of different reasons an organization may have these printed.

1.     Show off to Visitors

If an organization has a large or impressive facility, one way to retain recognition among the competition is to print event programs. These can be easily handed out to visitors, and also serve as a keepsake that can be taken with them after their visit. In the case of a large facility, including a map can be useful and helpful as a kind of tour guide. Include pictures from local or remote facilities so visitors have an organized printed booklet with key highlights to admire and show to others as well.

2.     Investor Recognition

It may be important for a company that relies on investor funding to give credit where it is due. Attract other investors to your company by dedicating a portion of an event program to current investors. This way, current investors can feel confident and appreciated when they see their names listed, and future investors may be interested in hopes of getting their own names on that list. Whether hosting a convention, having a few guests in town or just attending the random visitor, showing people that your investors matter can be a key to gaining future funding.

3.     Healthy Environment

Many people who work full time may spend more time with their co-workers than with their families. Help create a friendly and healthy work environment by encouraging employees to get to know each other. Print and distribute event programs and include pictures, titles, organizational charts, bios, or any other kind of information that employees want to share with their co-workers. It can be beneficial to provide an introduction of sorts for new or more introverted employees, in order to help break the ice. Happy employees will likely spread the word about how great your organization is, helping you stand out among the competition even more.


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