I Didn’t Recognize You without Your Badge!


Get the Recognition You Deserve with ID Badges at Events

Nothing is worse than not being recognized at your own event.

Say what you will about someone forgetting your name or what company you work for, but when you hold an event, like a gathering of a group of members from a club for example, that last thing you want is the attendees forgetting that you are the one that put the whole thing together!

You Deserve That Credit

You earned it with all that hard work you put into the planning and organization. You’ve spent countless hours reserving the perfect spot, making the invitations, and coming up with fresh ideas about how to earn money for the cause you all support.

What Can Be Done About It?

  • Include a 4 x 6 photo of yourself on the front of your invitations
  • Print your name in bold, italics using size 72 font on your invitations
  • Require your attendees to RSVP by tattooing your name on their hands, and sending you a picture of the tattoo as proof
  • Use event/ID Badges to identify (most importantly) yourself and others at your event

Identify Yourself

Event/ID badges are a great way to identify you to others quickly and easily. You can have your name and title printed any way you want, right on the front, showing others that you indeed are the one who put on the event. That way, you can get all the credit due such a big responsibility and job well done.

Identify Others

Not only can you use ID badges at your event to identify yourself, you can use them just in case (oops!) you forget someone else’s name too! If that influential member who you’ve had lunch with once a year for the past few years walks up to you and his name just slipped your mind, you can simply glance at his badge, saving yourself from an embarrassing situation. If an important guest or someone of high status who wouldn’t normally attend an event like yours were to come, you would want everyone to know who they were and that they were a guest.

Wear it with Style

One of the things I really liked about the event badges was that they were so easy to wear. We had the option of clipping them to our shirts or pants, or we could use a lanyard to wear them around our necks.  I used a lanyard for mine, which I had ordered in the colors of our club with the membership logo printed right on them.  It looked great, and when I wore my badge, everyone knew I was responsible for putting on the event!

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