New England Submission Only Championships


Grappling Takes Over the East Coast with the New England Submission Only Championships

New England had a weekend full of champion fights with the New England Submission Only Championships.

world championship grappling-Aug. 9“The New England Submission Only Championships a grappling event,” wrote Josh Saper, the president of World Championship Grappling. “The event hosted a submission only tournament with competitors coming from New  Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and surrounding areas and also matched super fights including our middleweight championship title bout.”

Saper wrote the event’s promotion was mostly online-based. “We heavily through Facebook and direct messaging and/or emails, which to word of mouth,” he wrote. “We also have and continue to establish relationships with schools and academies up and down the East Coast. We also look to establish sponsorship relationships with companies in order to grow our market share as well.”

With great online and word-of-mouth promotion, the event had a full turnout, which, of course, led to an event chock full of great fights.

“The event went great. This was our first event in the New England area so we were unsure of what the turnout would be,” wrote Saper. “The venue The Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center, and staff were great and all the competitors and coaches left happy. We had some great fights and crowned a new world championship grappling middleweight champion.”

Saper’s favorite part of the night was giving back to the community. “The best part of the event was seeing that we were able to connect to many schools and academies in the area. Being able to grow our brand and provide professionally-ran events that are in exciting new formats for the grappling new community is our focus,” he wrote “We were also able to connect with a great organization called Level Ground MMA, which provides MMA training for underprivileged youths in Boston, Massachusetts. We donated their entry fees and ticket admissions to the event to support their cause. The program instructor and director were gracious and the students really appreciated and enjoyed the event, so that was great to help them out.”



If you’re creating an event similar to this tournament, Saper brings up a great point about using online promotional tools to translate into word-of-mouth promotion in the real world. But Saper also brings up some more points. “Grappling tournaments are a lot of work to coordinate,” he said. “If someone is planning a similar event, my advice would be to have a strong understanding of their audience and community as well as have some key staff to help in coordinating the event.”

You can learn more about New England Submission Only Championships at its Facebook page and website.

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