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Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant Visits OKSoles First Exhibition

Oklahoma’s shoe lovers were granted a brand new exhibition for the latest in specialty and cutting edge sneakers and fashion. The first OKSoles Show, which took place October 4, not only offered a way for sneaker and fashion vendors to network and sell or trade their products, but it also gave attendees a way to meet an NBA star.

“The Inaugural OKSoles Show was the first buy sell trade sneakers / clothing show of its kind to hit Oklahoma,” wrote Juan Guerra II of OKSoles. “We at OKSoles LLC had an objective as a ‘sneaker group’ to host events like this to our home state. Having only been an organization for 14 months, we would say our first event went very well.”

OKSoles 1

OK Soles 2

To promote their event, the group traveled to nearby states to attract fellow shoe lovers and vendors. “As group we traveled to Kansas, Missouri, Texas marketing our brand and meeting new people and vendors,” wrote Guerra. ”We had 85 tables sold for our event and next year we expect over 120 due to the hype behind the first year event.” Guerra also wrote that OKSoles used social media including Instagram and Twitter (@OKSoles) and OKSoles.com. He wrote OK Soles also promoted the event with flyers throughout Oklahoma.

As you can see in the pictures, OKSoles had a fantastic turnout. “803 people in attendance with a very special surprise visit from a 6’11” NBA MVP you may have heard of,” wrote Guerra, alluding to NBA MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder’s own Kevin Durant. “Kevin Durant stepped in the building for about 20 minutes and signed autograph after autograph before exiting,” he wrote. Another special guest was Kenny Gonzales (@the_perfect_pair), whom Guerra explained is known globally for being the “greatest sneaker collector alive.” Gonzales traveled from California to attend the show.

OK Soles 3

OK Soles 4

OKSoles exhibition was so successful that the group is already planning for their next event. “We are getting ready to finalize the second year show hopefully for October 2015,” Guerra wrote.

If you’re planning an event similar to the OKSoles Show, Guerra wrote that feeling downbeat isn’t an option. “Never get down,” he wrote. “If it seems as if the vibe isint picking up to your event push a bit more but let it happen. You will get better with every event.”



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