Event of the Week: Old School Freestyle


‘90s Freestyle is Celebrated During Harrah’s Atlantic City’s Old School Freestyle Event

We’ve just started autumn and our memories of the summer are starting to fade away, but let’s rewind and take a look at one of the events that exemplifies summer fun. Stars of the ‘90s freestyle dance scene made July even hotter when they performed at the Old School Freestyle event at the Daylife Beach Club at Harrah’s Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


The event featured a performance by Lil Suzy, who is known for hits like “Promise Me,” “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” and “Take Me In Your Arms” and, according to event site cities2night.com, is thought of as “one of the most influential freestyle artists of her time.” The event also featured a performance by freestyle group TKA and local and mainstream talent including Mob Wives stars Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio, Sammy C, Felicia Punzo, AL-X, D. Chappelli, Tori Lee and 10 local DJ celebrities.

The event also benefitted a good cause. The proceeds from tickets went to The Unico Philadelphia Foundation, a non-profit made up of professionals, businesspeople and philanthropists who donate their money and time to charities who provide food and shelter to those in need.

With an event like this, it was important to get the marketing strategy right. Frank S. Catrambone of GoCoastalAC stated that the marketing of the event involved Nightout.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Along with social media, team uses a strategic network of promoters that spread the word to friends,” he wrote in an email interview. Thanks to proper marketing and great talent, the event was a success. “It was the perfect mix of good promotion, good talent, and proper operations,” he wrote. Lil Suzy was a huge highlight of the night. “Having the crowd watch Lil Suzy was a bright spot,” he wrote. “The guests that were there to see her ran to the stage and sang along.”

If you’re already looking forward to summer and you’re planning events for next year, Catrambone said getting a head start is key. “My advice to others is to start your promotion early and promote hard,” he wrote. “Don’t rely on your talent to drive sales to the show. Be sure to have a team of professionals that you trust around you to assist and make your events spectacular!”

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