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Event Programs for Business Meetings

Funny thing about Power Point presentations: they’re made, primarily, of light. Certainly, I could email one to a customer, colleague, or trainee, and often I do, but in many instances, it’s nice to have a professionally printed booklet available to distribute during business meetings. They’re easy to create, simple to distribute, and always available, even during airplane takeoffs and landings.

It’s just another option.

If I often give a particular presentation, I’ll keep copies of the booklet on hand and present those in the meeting the choice: would they like me to email the presentation, or would they prefer to take the event program with them? Often they choose both. Clients who prefer not to take a paper brochure are free to leave them. I only make these books up for situations when I’ll be giving the same talk multiple times. That way, I can save costs with a larger print run, and keep distributing the booklets over a period of years.

They’re particularly useful in staff trainings. Even if I’m projecting a Power Point presentation, trainees can follow along in the printed book. They can make notes in the margins. In fact, I leave a few blank pages at the end for the purpose of taking notes. New employees have a handy document to which they can refer back at any time, and I spend less time explaining the same things over and over.

On more than one occasion, my event programs have saved the day when equipment failure and technological issues have made it impossible to share my Power Point presentation on a large screen!

For business meetings, I include items such as:

  • A brief introduction to my business and the services provided
  • An agenda for the meeting
  • Details on how we operate and how my business can help
  • Important contact information for people in the organization

I can reuse this basic information even if I need to change some of the major details in the template. For instance, if I am to give a large presentation to many people regarding a big project, I can still use many of the point, and most of the layout, while adding the details of the specific project being discussed.

Printing event programs for business meetings is an economical way for me to share information in a lasting format with those who prefer to receive print materials in addition to or instead of digital information.

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