One Thousand Fans? One Thousand Stickers!


Want Friends and Fans? Get Stickers.

I’m in a band, and it’s good. Really. I’m not just saying that. My band mates and I bring it at every show. Every time we play we see new and more faces because people love our music. I’d like to think one day we’ll be “discovered” and instead of playing parties and bars, we’ll be up on stage at a big venue, or laying down tracks in a real studio.

It will happen, but between now and then, we have a lot of promoting to do. This means being visible. From booking shows, physically networking, getting on line and creating actual collateral like posters and custom stickers that people can take away from our shows.

Seen and Be Seen

We often play shows with more than one band, but we want the crowd to remember us the most. Of course, we sell CDs, and we let people know who we are during our set, but we like our fans to have something to take with them at the end of the night. That’s why my band mates and I put our heads together and decided to design and print custom stickers to hand out at shows and put in our CD cases.

Originally we thought about having T-shirts printed. We will one day, but right now, we’re funding our own tour and money is tight. Custom stickers are pretty inexpensive and easy to design and print. For our stickers, we chose the logo of our band. We made sure to add the addresses of our website, MySpace Music and Facebook pages, so folks could find us after the show.

We had the choice of a few different kinds of stickers, and we decided to have some of each printed.  We had some vinyl stickers printed. They are pretty high quality, waterproof, and they take images really well. We figure that the stickers might find themselves in visible places like skateboard decks and outdoor spots, and we wanted them to be durable so that people would remember our name and come to our shows.

We also designed and printed bumper stickers. We thought it would be pretty cool to see the logo and name of our band rolling down the road when we least expect it.  Last week, our drummer spotted a couple cars and a moped with our bumper stickers on them. It’s the kind of advertising that can’t be beat.

We went with some economy stickers, too. These were a little smaller and less expensive, and we don’t expect them to end up outside. We slip these into our CDs cases hoping folks will stick them on their laptops. Our fans really like them.

Give the Gift of Stickers

Since we are just getting started, we don’t have a lot, but we do want to give something back to our fans.  We feel like when we give these stickers to them, we’re giving them a gift. They won’t forget us or the great time they had at our show.

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